The Energy of Ethics

I was just interviewed last night on a radio show called I am U Radio.  The topic was the Energy of Ethics.  I was a little nervous, not having done much with radio, tv or broadcasting very recently. But the hosts, Dagny and Beth, started off the conversation by sharing some of their thoughts and experiences with ethics and ethical behavior. They could have been delivering my workshop – they were saying a lot of the same words I use in my own workshops and lunch-and-learns.  As I listened I thought to myself – well this is going to be easy!!

And I was right.  It was just like having a conversation with old friends on a topic near and dear to my heart.  The key message was  that right vs wrong is a matter of interpretation affected by our own individual experience, beliefs, culture, religions practices etc. And how we each as individuals relate to ethics creates a certain energy.  It’s not so much about being right or wrong as much as it is evaluating the situation, understanding the risks and benefits, using our skills and experience to make decisions, and finally taking an action that is consistent with our beliefs. 

But there is a definite energy to ethics.  We know deep in our gut when we make a mistake.  We  know when we’re in danger and we know when we’ve done something wrong ethically.  However it shows up, we know instinctively, and that’s the energy of ethics. What we do next is the big question.  And that’s what we address in the ethics workshops – starting with facilitated conversation and ending up with a greater awareness of how our own actions affect other people and influence results.

It was so nice to talk with people who really get this concept and are interested in doing something to help other people understand the importance of being accountable for our own actions!

Here’s the link to listen to the show.  It’s about 1 hour in length.  Enjoy!

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