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e-Factor!® 4-hour AZ CPA Ethics Workshops for  2024


Register here and an email will be sent with Zoom details

Thanks to Michael Swiszcz of Frederick Fox for sponsoring our virtual events! 

Friday February 2, 2024 from 8 am – 12 noon Phoenix time VIRTUAL link opens at 7:30 am  

Friday May 17, 2024 from 8 am – 12 noon Phoenix time TBD link opens at 7:30 am  



AUGUST 9 from 8 am – 12 noon Phoenix time LIVE EVENT –Continental Breakfast starts at 7:30 am and event starts at 8 am sharp

Mystery Date: from 8 am – 12 noon Phoenix time TBD Continental Breakfast starts at 7:30 am  – Stay tuned for more details

LIVE EVENTS (WE’RE BACK AT THE BOARDROOM with the SCENIC VIEW of Phoenix):   Thanks to Rudy da Costa and Jay Latch of The Intersect Group for sponsoring our Live events!

Where: The Intersect Group, 2415 E Camelback Rd,                         Suite 1000, Phoenix, AZ 85016



If you have your CPA from another state there might be reciprocity! Check with us to see if your state will accept our credits!


Fee:  $119 including a meal, parking and networking with your peers!  (Virtual Event only has the networking!)

Parking for Live Events: Park at the AMC Garage. Enter off 24th Street and 4900 North. Bring your ticket to be validated by The Intersect Group  

Please Note:  We have implemented protocols for live events- we sanitize all game boards and pieces to keep you safe.  Masks are optional and at least 1 dose of vaccine is HIGHLY recommended to keep all participants safe.  We cannot be responsible for someone contracting COVID19 at our events.

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Demystifying Your Financial Statements –                      Live 6-Part Master Class Series

     – Starting Date to be in September to be determined

Are you going crazy trying to stay organized with your bookkeeping? Or do you just plain hate doing the books and keep putting it off until it’s time to file your taxes. If this is you, you’re in good company! But you’re also leaving money on the table.  

Running your business by your current bank balance is risky. It sets you up for nasty surprise expenditures you didn’t plan for,  continued effort for products and services that don’t make you money, and lots of extra time spent trying to remember what happened during the year. 

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you didn’t realize you would need to do bookkeeping and you probably have not taken any type of accounting classes to help you manage your business. This means that accounting has become the obstacle to your business growth. Not knowing your numbers and letting your accounting process slide can means you’re making decisions from gut rather than from fact, and this can cost you serious time, money and frustration.

You can do so much better with actual facts and knowledge! Your financial statements have stories to tell… and so much information to share with you, if only you knew how to read them! You’ll be able to avoid nasty surprises, pay yourself a salary, hire people, understand which products or services are your big money-makers, and be able to see the warning signs of upcoming cash flow shortages.  Knowing your numbers gives you back freedom, reduces your stress and allows you to spend time doing the things you love and that make you money.  

If you are an Entrepreneur who is ready to take action and take back control of your accounting process this program is for you. This is your chance to have access to an experienced former Fortune 500 accounting professional to guide you through setting up an effective bookkeeping system and get answers to those puzzling questions nobody’s been able to answer adequately for you.

In the Demystifying Your Financials Master Class Series we use a plain-English approach to teach you how to reorganize your bookkeeping system so it makes sense to you. We’ll also look at ways to streamline the data entry process so it doesn’t take so long to do the books.  We will teach you how to read financial statements, create budgets, understand the mysteries of accepting credit cards, learn the differences between bookkeeper/accountant/CPA, set product pricing, learn the warning signs to impending disasters BEFORE they occur.

Your Investment for Financial Freedom Entrepreneur Program is $4,497 Full Pay or 2 payments of $1,998.50 each with $1,000 deposit upon signing our agreement.  The program includes

  • 6 live webinar calls with Marcy
  • 1 Group Q&A call 
  • 1 session to talk 1:1 with Marcy to be completed by program end
  • Special client pricing on VIP Days and additional program offerings
  • FOR FULL PAY REGISTRATIONS ONLY: Bonus Q&A call for additional guidance on implementing strategies and key concepts


  • Web Call dates are as follows
    • To Be Determined

Pricing Options


Need Ethics Continuing Professional Education? Want to get it finished early?  Or have you waited until the very last minute to finish your ethics CPE?  Want to have fun doing it and learn something new as well? Then this workshop is just for you. There are significant updates to both Arizona and AICPA codes this year.  Learn what they are in a fun, creative setting.

We have exciting news! Our CLE version for Attorneys is live! See below for our upcoming program!  A version for Social Workers and Therapists is also in process!   If you’re an insurance broker, certified financial planner, realtor, or other licensed professional we are scheduling time to create versions that will meet your CEU requirements.  We are also looking into becoming certified nationally for these license renewal continuing education programs.  Check with us on the status of these new programs which should be available in late 2015.

Check back with us periodically for our full calendar of Continuing Education workshops.

CPE Ethics Program for CPAs and CMAs

    • This workshop qualifies for 4 Hours of ethics CPE credit for Arizona licensed CPAs, CMAs and accounting professionals.
    • We will cover 1 hour of Arizona Revised Statute and Administrative Code, 1 hour of AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, and a total of 4 hours of content. 
    • Breakfast or Dinner is included in the registration fee, and there will be opportunities to network with your peers.  

You may cancel your reservation up to 1 week prior to the program. There is a $25 fee for cancellation. You may also reschedule for a later program at no cost.  Once the workshop begins there are no refunds. 

Teleseminars and Webinars:

Join us for our new complimentary teleseminar “Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics”. This one hour program explores the definition of ethics and creates a working model and parameters for positive, practical ethical behavior.  Learn how to align and engage your workforce on solving real-life business ethics dilemmas.

Dates to be determined.



May 3, 2018 – Ethics CPE for CPAs sponsored by MARC  4-hour ethics continuing professional education that meets the AZ Ethics CPE requirements for license renewal.

October 11, 2018 – Ethics CLE for Attorneys  We delivered a great 3-hour CLE ethics program to Arizona Wealth Counsel members attending their Fall event.

June 26, 2017 –  Ethics CLE for Attorneys You need to get your ethics and professional responsibility credits to renew your license.  But 3 hours is a lot of time and you don’t want waste it on a class where you won’t learn anything relevant or useful in helping your clients. If you wait till the last minute you’re stuck with the same old on-line content that doesn’t change or the lecture that is so dry the only thing you’re learning is how to stay awake.

The e-Factor!® program is an interactive and gamified approach to CLE that brings real business and ethics scenarios to life. We actually practice solving ethical dilemmas and have opportunities to connect workshop experiences to business issues you may be facing. We engage you in conversation with your peers and provide practical applications you can take out of the workshop to apply in your work environment. This program qualifies for 3 hours of Ethics CLE with a certificate of completion at the end of the program.  

Global Patent Search is glad to host the e-Factor!® CLE program in our newly renovated space! GPS offers patent research and IP consulting to meet the needs of solo inventors, IP professionals, government agencies and universities, and international corporations. With more than 100 patent analysts on the team, GPS can support any technology from crispers to CRISPR. Global Patent Solutions was founded in Scottsdale in 2004 to serve the growing number of high-tech start-ups in Arizona; our client base has grown to include attorneys and companies all over the world.

For more information about the event, facilitators and host please click here.

June 17 – 21, 2017 –  IMA Annual Conference – Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics Using Games and Leader vs. Staff vs. Client View of Ethics, two break-out sessions at the IMA’s global conference for management accountants. Additionally I hosted a Management Accountant’s Leadership Discussion on Being a Strategic Partner.

June 15, 2017 Ethics CPE for CPAs – sponsored by VincentBenjamin. 4-hour ethics continuing professional education that meets the AZ Ethics CPE requirements for license renewal.

May 31 – June 1, 2017   Demystifying Your Financials – Oh the Stories They Can Tell! For the ACEs IT Consultants Conference held in Phoenix, AZ. This was a 45-minute intensive for IT Consultants and business owners to learn to read their financial statements and use the information they contain to make better business decisions.

May 11, 2017 Ethics CPE for CPAs – sponsored by Caliber Companies and CalChoice Financial. 4-hour ethics continuing professional education that meets the AZ Ethics CPE requirements for license renewal.

Apr 24, 2017 Phoenix CEO-CFO Group was where I gave my very first talk on ethics! Thanks Michael Swiszcz for bringing us back to talk with the group again on Leader vs. Staff vs. Client View of Ethics! 

Apr 22, 2017 Thrilled to be working with Rotary International again!  We’re Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics to the new Rotary International Leadership Academy. This Leadership Academy is open to both Rotarians and Non-Rotarians who want a fun, engaging day of leadership development. 

Sep 8, 2016 – 4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

Aug 17, 2016 eCPAn 4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

Jun 9, 2016 – CBIZ MHM 4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

Apr 2016 – Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics – 90 minute interactive session on using games to build accountability. 

Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics Using Educational Games

Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics Using Educational Games

March 18, 2016 (Friday) from 4 – 8 pm: CPA Ethics continuing education – Dinner included: select Evening option

February 19 – 21, 2016  from 8 am – 5 pm:  Train-the-Trainer e-Factor!® facilitator training 

January 22, 2016 (Friday) from 8 am – 12 noon:  CPA Ethics continuing education – Breakfast included: select Morning option

Nov 3, 2015 – AMKOR  4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

Oct 4 – 7, 2015 Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics – Dollars and Sense of Ethics, Using Games to Build Accountability (Las Vegas, NV)

July 16, 2015  Seely Mullins 4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

June 11, 2015 Henry and Horne  4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

June 5, 2015 CBIZ/MHM  4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

May 15, 2015 Rotary International Regional Ethics Day

April 23, 2015 Private conference for Financial Advisers;  Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics, Sarasota, FL.

April 17, 2015 Private conference for in-house client: Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics, Denver, CO

Feb 20, 2015 – Beta Alpha Psi regional conference 1-hour ethics program for students

December 29, 2014 – 4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop – for CPAs who need the 4 hours of ethics continuing professional education to renew your CPA license. 

September 16, 2014 – Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics – Break-out 1-hour session on Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethical Behavior.

August 20 and 21, 2014 –  eCPAn (Entrepreneurial CPAs Network) 4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

August 7, 2014 – CBIZ MHM  4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop

May 16, 2014 – 50-minute AICPA Code of Professional Conduct Update for AFWA Southwest Regional Conference. Offers 1 Hour CPE

March 18, 2014 – 35-minute presentation on the Positive Value of Ethical Behavior – Chandler Chamber of Commerce Women in Business

October 19, 2013 – 90-minute Ethics workshop – IMA – a real-life case study program for students working towards their CMA

October 15, 2013 – 4-hour Ethics CPE Workshop – ACFE – for CFEs who need their ethics continuing professional education to renew their CFE certificates

September 27, 2013 – 4-hour AZ CPA Ethics CPE Workshop – for CPAs who need their 4 hours of ethics continuing professional education to renew their CPA licenses

September 26, 2013 – Coaching, What’s in it for You?  Presentation on the value of coaching to enhance your business or professional performance.  Sponsored by CBIZ-Mayer Hoffman McCann

August 9, 2013 – Blogtalk Radio Dr. CJ – Ethics in Business – discussing the positive value of ethical behavior.  Here’s a link to the show!

Listen to internet radio with Hello Dr CJ on Blog Talk Radio

July 17, 2013 -Living Well Talk Radio – hosts Susanne Strisower and Kathy Kanavos interview on ethics and the creation of e-Factor!®  Listen Here  where we talk in the first hour about Trusting that inner voice.

July 10, 2013 – BBB Hosted 90 minute program “Dollars and Sense of Ethics” – free for BBB Accredited businesses; $15 for non-Accredited Businesses

June 26, 2013 – BBB Hosted 90 minute program “Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics” – free for BBB Accredited businesses; $15 for non-Accredited businesses

June 19, 2013 – CBIZ Hosted 4 hours of Ethics CPE for CPAs

June 9, 2013 – BlogTalk Radio interview on I Am U Radio (Hosts Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly) on “The Energy of Ethics’

Apr 5, 2013 – Mountain West Credit Union Association Annual Meeting

Dec 8, 2012 – ASWA and DeVry CPE Saturday Ethics update

Dec 5, 2012 – Inventors Association of Arizona (IAA) presentation on using Kickstarter to get funding for your invention!

May 30, 2012 – The Positive Value of Ethical Behavior for Annual conference of Leading Age Arizona

May 24, 2012 – 4-hour Ethics CPE workshop for American Society of Women Accountants at their Southwest Regional Conference

April 11, 2012 – Lunch and Learn Presentation to Royal Oaks Retirement Center:  The Positive Value of Ethical Behavior

March 14, 2012 – Presentation to ICF Phoenix Chapter:  How to Coach Ethical Dilemmas and Respect Your Client’s Choices

December 15, 2011 – Presentation to ASWA Phoenix Chapter:  Leadership vs Staff vs Client view of Ethics

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