Games and Accessories


Individual games and bundle packs of 4 games are available for sale. Each game comes with all the pieces required to conduct a complete simulation, including an instruction manual, game pieces, score cards, one scenario deck and one set of character cards.

Scenario decks exist for each of the following:

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Service industry
  • Non-profit industry
  • Consulting
  • CPA (meets AZ 4-hour ethics CPE requirement and includes 1 hour of AZ statute content, 1 hour of AICPA Code of Professional Conduct content, and 2 hours of general business ethics content.)

Volume discounts are available for orders of 5 bundle packs or more. There are also discounts for ordering games in combination with workshops and enterprise-wide programs.

Included in this price is one hour of FREE phone consulting on how to set up the game.


Lost a game token?  Need additional sets of character or scenario cards? Want more scorepads?  Get them right here by giving us a call.   

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