Welcome to e-Factor!®

We’re glad you’re here! Welcome to the home of e-Factor!®, the educational board game for business ethics!

e-Factor!® is a business tool that helps diverse teams and leaders work better together ethically. It also helps protect you and your organization from unethical behavior.

How do we do this?  By creating a safe place to simulate work experiences and solve real-life business ethics dilemmas.  In this environment it is possible to evaluate opportunities and consequences before taking an action that could cause your organization to lose clients or damage your professional reputation.

Our clients have told us their results:  lower turnover, more committed employees, and increased productivity.  All of this translates into increased profits and enhanced business reputation for your organization.

e-Factor!® uses three of the most effective adult learning techniques – role-play, simulation and game. Using these methods helps to define key concepts more tangibly, retain more of what we learn, and apply it in our every-day workplace.

Check out our video for a sneak preview of what it’s like to learn while you play!

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