Workplace Experience – Organizational Sustainability

The Workplace Experience is a three-phased program designed to bring the simulation to all levels of your organization. With today’s workforce now including multiple generations and cultures, assuming that everyone in the organization has the same definitions and understanding of acceptable behavior can be a serious mistake. This workshop is designed to help leadership teams who have recognized the need for realignment of their workforce and who want to redefine the parameters of acceptable attitudes, behaviors and skills. The outcome of this workshop is the design and creation of an enterprise-wide program that can be delivered to everyone in the organization.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is a full-day program for the executive leadership team. Phase 1 includes the elements of the Half-Day Workshop plus a half-day strategy session to identify the steps necessary to successfully implement culture changes in your organization. 

In addition to the full game play, this interactive program involves participants in a definition of key concepts for the organization, discussion of an enterprise-wide program to enroll associates, determination of desired outcomes for the program, including measurements, selection of a Champion to guide the complete program, and creation of an action plan to implement the program.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a three- to six-week program for the management team who will implement the enterprise-wide program developed in Phase 1. The first part of this program includes the Half Day Workshop and reviewing the strategy developed by the executive team. The remainder of the program is devoted to creating the implementation plan, identifying specific scenarios desired for the game play, identifying the participants, and developing the critical success factors that will ensure meeting desired outcomes and measure the effectiveness of the program. 

 Phase 3

Phase 3 is the rollout to all participants in the form of Half-Day Workshops. The features and benefits for this program are the same as the Half-Day Game Play Workshop with the added customization from Phases 1 and 2. Cost for this phase is variable, depending on the number of workshops and the scheduling. 

Prices and phases can be adjusted to meet your organizational goals and resources.

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