How did e-Factor!® get started?  It originated from the creativity of Marcy J Maslov, who decided to leave a corporate accounting job without having any back-up plan.  She woke up in the wee hours of the morning of April 11, 2007 wondering how she would pay the bills and really love what she did for a living.  

As she asked for guidance, the word “ethics” appeared in her head.  It suddenly made sense, since her decision to leave corporate accounting related to ethical (or unethical) behavior of others. She got up, turned on the computer, and out came six pages that became the executive summary and initial design for e-Factor!®  She showed the summary to a marketing friend, who connected her to business board game designers, and the rest is fortunate history….

e-Factor!® is based on Marcy’s more than 25 years of experience at some of the most sophisticated companies in the world.  As a global accountant, Marcy found herself in situations and dilemmas that required great skill in communication, problem-solving, and leadership.  Since November 2007 e-Factor!® workshops, speaking engagements and simulations have provided a unique and different forum for sharing Marcy’s professional experience to help others acquire these same skills, but in a much more fun, creative and safe manner.

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