This 3-day program teaches you how to conduct a workshop and implement an e-Factor!® training program. If you complete this program you will become certified to use this unique tool to enhance your ethics, team-building and leadership training programs, whether you are an in-house facilitator or external consultant. 

We break the game up into its component parts and explain the theory behind each element of the game. Through practice facilitations and interactive discussions you will experience the full power e-Factor!® – how it builds individual skill-sets, changes attitudes, and helps teams define what is considered to be appropriate organizational behavior. We also show you how to create your own client programs, facilitate workshops and develop follow-up programs focused on the key concepts of the game. 

Participation in this program requires an annual renewal, as well as an agreement to adhere to our code of conduct and quality standards.  One game is included with the program.  Additional games are sold separately.

The return on this investment can be earned quickly through:

  • hosting your own workshops
  • delivering programs to your in-house workforce
  • creating programs for your external clients.
If you are interested in learning more about this program, please call us or email us for more information.
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