Merit, Honesty and Integrity - the Soul of the Nation

It occurred to me as I watched the results of the Presidential Election that I needed to capture my thoughts.  It’s a historic day, one of a very few in a person’s lifetime. I find myself getting emotional and this reaction is a mystery to me.  I suppose it is partly a feeling of profound relief that the decision is finally made and we can now get on with the business of living. But It is so much more than this.  And I appear not to be alone in getting emotional.

Whatever side of the fence you are on, this is a momentous occasion. Every Presidential election is, really.  This one more than most because of the extreme divisions in our country today.

Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor, said in an interview today something to the effect that this election was a referendum on “merit” instead of “corruption”.  It got me thinking – and the lightbulb went on.  This election result highlights ethical conduct. Merit, Integrity, Honesty and Accountability are in the spotlight. Finally. Ethics and Moral Character win over bullying, lies and corruption.

The Soul of the Nation has come out, and ethics wins.  Perhaps that’s where the emotion is coming from…

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