What is e-Factor!®

e-Factor!® is an educational board game designed to create a safe place for people to practice solving ethical dilemmas – Before they cost your organization good employees, clients or reputation. Participants form teams of 4 to 6 characters to complete six milestones that use real-life business and ethical dilemmas to

  • Evaluate and enhance business ethics standards
  • Understand individual/team strengths and hidden talents
  • Make better choices and decisions
  • See the consequences of specific actions immediately
  • Participate more effectively on teams
  • Improve leadership and decision-making skills

e-Factor!® utilizes the three most effective adult learning methods to teach topics that can be boring or sensitive – game, role-play and simulation.  Studies have shown that adults learn more quickly and retain more of the key concepts when having fun while they learn. Gamification is gaining popularity in helping people master skills, improve communications, and enhance productivity as well.

Through our workshops and enterprise-wide programs we customize the scenarios and business situations to meet and resolve the challenges you’re facing right now. We offer opportunities to enhance skills relating to customer service, accountability, trust-building, integrity, teamwork and making better decisions.

Listen to this interview about e-Factor! on the Eliances Money Radio program

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