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Guidebook Marcy Smallere-Book

Get a pre-launch copy of our e-Book 5 Steps for Ethical Problem Solving.  In this 7-page booklet we provide step-by-step guidance for turning ethical dilemmas into problem solving exercises. Our process includes defining the ethical dilemmas, identifying stakeholders and options, evaluating consequences and ultimately taking the best available action.


Live Programs

  e-Factor!® workshops, coaching, and webinars provide a safe place to practice solving real-life ethical dilemmas that can and do create obstacles to your success. Our goal is to create ethics and compliance training that is fun and actually uses your time effectively.  We offer the following programs:

  • Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics
  • Leader vs Staff vs Client View of Ethics
  • Dollars and Sense of Ethical Culture
  • Using Games in Training
  • Understanding Your Financial Statements

Our programs pay for themselves in terms of engaging employees and building awareness of how their special skills and talents create value for themselves, your teams and your organization.  

We offer flexible program scheduling, pricing plans and payment plans.  Call today for a Complementary 30-minute Sample Session!   ClickHere>

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