TELESEMINAR: Dollars and Sense of Ethical Behavior

Dates TBD

What is ethical behavior?  How much does it cost your organization?  And what can you do to protect yourself and reduce these costs? Even if you are a solo-preneur, you still deal with ethical dilemmas every day that can cost you time, money, or clients.  The objective of this ethics workshop is to create parameters for understanding what ethical behavior is for your business and provide a  practical, positive method for resolving ethical dilemmas.  The workshop helps participants to more clearly define key terms and create a common understanding of appropriate ethical behavior. This definition can then be used to help leaders, staff, vendors and clients understand how to work together more effectively and ethically.   

Please join us for our upcoming complementary teleseminar on the Dollars and Sense of ethical behavior.  


AZ CPA  4-Hour Ethics CPE Workshop

Please join us for the CPA version of e-Factor!®.  This version is specifically designed to meet the 4-hour Arizona CPE ethics credit required to renew and maintain your license.  In addition to reviewing revisions and updates to AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, Arizona Revised Statutes, and Arizona Administrative Code, this program uses game and simulation to deliver practical experience in solving general business ethical dilemmas.  We provide real-life scenarios you might face in your practice.  The workshop is designed to be a practical, fun, interactive way of completing your required ethics continuing education.

In this ethics workshop we work in teams of 4-6 players to learn how to respond to real-life situations related to the core concepts of ethical behavior as defined by the AICPA and PCAOB, among them the concepts of confidentiality, integrity, professionalism, and trust. We also learn about some of the costs of unethical behavior, options for minimizing these risks, and how to evaluate choices and their consequences.  During the program we make critical decisions, learn about our own ethical preferences, evaluate consequences of the team’s actions, and understand our own strengths, weaknesses and hidden talents that assist us all in meeting the CPA ethical standards.

We encourage discussion with our peers to help us learn how to resolve situations related to the ethical responsibilities all CPAs share. At the end of this workshop there is a 5-minute survey to help us continue improving the e-Factor!® experience.

This special live CPA workshop spends at least one hour each on Arizona Revised Statute/Arizona Administrative Code and AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, and is four hours in length.  It is facilitated by someone well versed in the CPA codes of conduct. We include a meal in the registration fee and there are multiple opportunities for networking during the program.


This link will take you to PayPal where you can quickly and securely make your credit card purchase. You may cancel your reservation up to 1 week prior to the program. There is a fee for cancellation. You may also reschedule for a later program at no cost.  Once the workshop begins there are no refunds.

Four-Hour Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethical Behavior – General Business

This intellectually stimulating program explores questions of integrity in a fun, creative and supportive environment. Using real-life scenarios developed into a customized simulation, the session builds awareness of when and how integrity can increase your sphere of influence, enhance your team’s effectiveness, and boost your organization’s bottom line. It is designed for businesses and leaders who want to continue enhancing an ethical culture by creating a consistent definition of ethical behavior.

This ethics workshop is designed to engage participants in creating a common definition of integrity and establishing parameters that can be clearly understood and applied. Participants then use the definition and parameters to practice solving real life business and ethical dilemmas that can and do get in the way of success. Benefits of this program include accelerating the time it takes to build more effective teams, improving decision-making, enhancing knowledge transfer and retention of key concepts. The program is led by a facilitator trained to guide discussion and help participants get the most out of their experience. Class size is limited to 8-24 participants.

In this interactive program participants will:
  • Define key concepts of integrity for the organization
  • Discuss how personal integrity can be used to increase spheres of influence, enhance team effectiveness and boost bottom line results
  • Play customized game using these definitions and parameters to solve real-life business and ethical dilemmas
  • Create a simple one-step action plan that can continue the investment in integrity.
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