Here’s what people are saying about e-Factor!®

The e-Factor!® scenarios were phenomenal. Ms. Maslov takes what can be a not so interesting subject and makes it fun and engaging!

Michael Swiszcz, President, Phoenix CEO-CFO Group

From my experience through the role-playing, it helped me see how I can come across sometimes. The role-playing was really interesting. As the game moved on, you could tell how the group had taken consideration of your character traits and started to use them in order to achieve the goal. I only knew one other person at the table so it was interesting to play and see how it all worked out. I think it could be a good tool to build teams here too. I think it would help not only within departments, but across departments as well. We really did learn a lot so the investment would be well worth it!

Amelia Mehr-Witt, Discount Tire Company

he e-Factor!® simulation is as thought-provoking as it is engaging! I couldn't believe the energy the roles and the interaction brought to our table of participants. e-Factor!® is really onto something with both the content and the process here. This is not preachy Ethics training; this is an exploration of individual beliefs and how these influence perceptions of others, communication skills and work effectiveness. There is a lot going on in this experience!

Ginny McMinn, McMinn HR and The Resilient Entrepreneur

e-Factor!® is a game that is perfect for our time. We seem to have lost our way when it comes to ethics in our society. Using the concepts that are included in the gameplay brings a reality to what is really happening in the workplace. The game instructs with a positive ethical standard. What a great way to learn!

Mary Lou Donnelly, Five Rings Financial

Your workshop was fascinating, inspiring, and hugely relevant to the future of Training and Development as a discipline. You can quote that too!

Nicole Hatton, Avnet

The e-Factor!® game was a great opportunity to see alternative perspectives and alternative decision styles. It was difficult to stay 'in character' but that difficulty highlighted the character's strengths and weaknesses.

Jim Graham, Maximum Business Advantage

Fast paced, makes you think. Surprisingly life-like!

Pete Peters, Peters & Brown Marketing

This was fun. My 'character' was my actual personality so I got to see how other people would truly react to me. I'd like to play again and be some other characters.

Mary Beth Montague, Security Screen

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