From the mouth of babes...

On the news today I saw an unbelievable segment about unethical behavior in our political system. A candidate running for US Senate copied an ad from another candidate and used it in her campaign, changing only the endorsement at the end. What was she thinking? As the news anchor claimed, this type of behavior would get a student suspended from school! We already lack trust in our elected officials; this behavior simply justifies this lack of trust.

On the flip-side, a young 14-year old boy wrote a poem for a school contest that was broadcast and went viral. The theme? “White boy privilege”. This young boy recognizes the injustices that exist in our world and believes that all should have the same privileges. And incredibly, some people lambasted him for his honesty instead of applauding his insight.  And another young boy whose father’s killing in Baton Rouge Louisiana sparked a rampage of shooting in Dallas Texas begged people to “come together as one united family” no matter what race. He asked people to protest peacefully rather than use guns or other violent means to voice their opinions.

Our way of life is being challenged by people who refuse to listen to other viewpoints and think they are entitled to certain rights or treatment.  On a sad day of memorials to 5 police officers shot in Dallas and random shootings of innocent victims here in Phoenix by a serial killer, it seems that the young ones are the ones who understand ethical behavior and the “right” way to do things better than the adults. Perhaps it might be time to start listening to the children of the world!

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