e-Factor!® turns 9!

Nine years ago today, in the wee hours of the morning, the concept for e-Factor!® was created. When the idea popped into my head and I said a mental “OK, let’s do this”, I had no idea how to create a game or how to deliver workshops. All I knew was that I’d just decided to leave the corporate world for good because of unethical people and situations. I had no earthly idea what was in store for me next.

In the beginning, e-Factor!® was just a simple ethics game. It started from a desire to learn from my own experiences and help others avoid the ethical dilemmas I always seemed to find myself dealing with. The game has morphed into a study of psychology as well as business tool to deliver fun ethics training to professionals who are mandated to complete an ethics class for their license renewals. It is growing in popularity, starting from the early days where people “didn’t play games at work” to becoming one of the most effective methods of adult learning.

Now, looking back, I can say the journey has had an unbelievable impact, not only on my life but on others as well. I’ve met amazing people, uncovered crazy things about the ethical (or unethical) choices people make, and I’ve learned more about my own strengths (and weaknesses) than I ever realized I had. I’ve become an inventor – something I NEVER even imagined – and I’ve become an entrepreneur, another thing I never thought possible or even wanted. Now that these things have happened, though, I’m hooked.

e-Factor!® has helped people understand what ethics is, and has helped people make better business decisions. The workshops using the game have also helped people remember the positive value of ethics – and yes, actually have fun at an ethics workshop. People still call me from the early days and tell me how they have used the principles and framework for solving ethical dilemmas that we use in the game and in the ethics workshops. That’s the best part of this journey so far – knowing that e-Factor!® has actually made a difference for people who have experienced it.

Happy Birthday, e-Factor!® Here’s to another nine years of success!

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