Witnessing History Unfold

 What an amazing couple of weeks we’ve lived through, wouldn’t you agree?  For those of you who’ve stopped watching the news because it is so filled with hate and anger, I hope you broke your self-imposed exile to witness history unfolding in Egypt.  If not, you missed such a rare opportunity to see something this momentous happen in our lifetime. 

We’ve had a few of these opportunities to witness history over the last few years – some US events like our market crash and its reverberating impact on other countries, and some International events like the Chilean mining rescue that had us all glued to our seats.  However, nothing has happened that has as much promise for a new world as the events in Egypt.  It shows that world peace IS possible.  It starts with small, baby steps.  The events of Egypt show that people are awakening to their own truth, recognizing their own rights and free will choices.  The events of Egypt also show that Egyptian people are fully capable of making their own decisions without interference by meddling outsiders. And the events of Egypt are a reminder to us all of how precious our own rights of freedom of speech, religion, etc really are.  People all over the world are willing to die for the freedoms we take for granted.

This is a critical time for the world right now.  We need to let Egyptians reform their country as they see it, need it, want it.  Now is not the time for us to intervene – unless we are asked, and only to provide advice and guidance, not to impose our world view or way of doing things.  Hopefully, we learned a thing or two from our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan that will help us give Egypt the freedom and time to do the right things for themselves.
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