The Reshaping of Youth's Perspective of Measuring Up

The impressionable years seem to come earlier and carry on into early adulthood.  Those photoshopped bodies showcasing ideal body types plays on the psyche, of how people see themselves and internalize it.  Is it moral to make fantasy the reality, that wearing the same will make you feel like a million.  Or, does recognition of one’s own reality set in, that you’ll never measure up to the image of the perfect world.  Is it dishonest or unethical to influence consumers with false images of perfection in order to sell?  Is there anything altruistic or of social value in shaping perceptions?

The potential harm these photos in media popularizing the “perfect” body type through retouching can bring has not been lost on researchers of body image or professionals in media.

Chris Roberts, associate professor at The University of Alabama and co-author of Doing Ethicsin Media: Theories and Practical Applications, expanded by calling such unattainable beauty “a false vision.” Although his area of interest is more media … Credits: The false reality of Photoshopping bodies in magazines – The Crimson While


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