Motivation to Write

Somehow, I’ve gotten out of the discipline of writing and blogging weekly.  I don’t really know how, except that a variety of events, tasks and activities got in my way and distracted me from the weekly grind of writing.  Writing a blog is really a simple thing, especially when I’m using Posterous which allows me to write a post as if I were composing an email and voila!  It magically appears on my blog!  And I think it would be safe to say there has been an absolute abundance of ethics topics to talk about.  All I need to do is watch 10 minutes of the nightly news and my blogs practically could write themselves!

So why don’t they?  Write themselves I mean?  If I had the answer to that question I’d be a very happy (and possibly wealthier) girl.  So here I am, finally getting back to blogging.  And I’m making the commitment to write a blog once a week for the year 2012.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  It just has to “be.”  It involves me picking a day out of each week to sit in front of the computer, compose my thoughts, put my fingers to the keyboard, and Write!

Who would think this could be such a difficult task???

Meet me on the blog in 2012!  Happy Holidays, everyone, and here’s to a healthy, prosperous and joyful new year of 2012.
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