Fun and Creativity Promoted Here!

I was at a meeting where Harvey McKay spoke about the need to incorporate Fun and Creativity into our daily worklife.  Hooray!  I’ve been promoting this concept for my ethics training for more than 5 years and everybody told me I was nuts! Take “fun” out of ethics training!  How can ethics training possssssiblllly be fun???!

Well, people are coming over to the “dark” side now. People are tired of the same old training that gets no results, goes up in cost every year, does not change, and frankly is deadly dull…  I’ve had enough of that training, have you?  Why should ethics training be boring?  And really, where do we set aside safe, creative space to learn or practice solving ethical dilemmas?  Why should we wait until we are in a crisis to start asking questions about what is acceptable ethical behavior and what outcomes we want to achieve and what consequences are possible?

So I agree with Harvey – let’s add fun and creativity into not only daily work life, but our professional development as well.  It’s more effective, we remember more of the content, and we walk away with real tools we can apply immediately as model for our behavior.

What do you think about this?

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