Being Wisely Powerful

As we usher in a new leader, I am compelled to write this article.  It is just bubbling out of me, because I have been witness to a change in our environment where ethics and accountability are taking a back seat to fear and anger and hate. How did this happen, and how do we release the pressure building up?

I have visions of the future, and they sometimes include people curled up in little balls, afraid to speak up for fear of being attacked.  In other visions, the future is positive – a change of the guard and a new way of doing things is good.  The thing is, I am puzzled by the lack of accountability people are showing.  It’s almost like people are resigned to the fact that they have no power or choice.  Wrong. We are all accountable for our environment, whether we accept this or not.  We all make choices – to vote, or not to vote.  To speak up when we see something, or to stay silent.  To take an action, or fade into the background and do nothing. We created this new environment. Time to own up to our part in it.

I recently declared that I am in service to Power. For me Power has multiple facets, and a lot of trepidation.  I’ve seen abuses of power that make me shake when I even think about owning my own Power. I’ve seen the pain and hurt abusive Power can hold, and I must say I am a bit fearful of the new leadership because of my own experiences with powerful people. I’ve given up my Power to keep the peace, to keep a job, to learn from people I felt could teach something.

By declaring I am in service to Power I am taking back my own Power.  However, instead of accepting the “standard view” of power I am creating my own definition of Power.  Power encompasses balance, justice, equality, fairness, leadership, strength, courage, wisdom, accountability, honesty, trust, and choice. It also requires me to listen to the perspectives of others without judgment, even if I don’t like what I’m hearing.  My intention is to use my Power wisely, and be Wisely Powerful. 

As I reclaim my Power and step into the role of Powerful, I am agreeing to speak the truth as I see it, recognizing that others might not agree with me.  Disagreement is OK.  Attacking me or failing to listen is not OK. For me it is no longer OK to stay silent and watch abuse happen around me.  It is no longer OK to silently stand by and watch people beating up those weaker or smaller or different.  It is no longer OK to watch hate and fear grow and unfair treatment grow.  It is time to take action, even if only through writing.  Small step, HUGE IMPACT.

Words have Power.  I am using my words now to be Wisely Powerful.  I hope and pray that our new Leadership will also find their way to being Wisely Powerful.

I challenge you to take back your own Power, define it for yourself, and share your Power with others. Let me know what comes up!

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